Diferente – 140 artistas. Una única historia

Diferente is a project of the NGO Dibujos por Sonrisas scripted by Israel L. Escudero. It gathers more than 140 artists, such as Miguelanxo Prado, Pasqual Ferry, Josep Homs or Albert Monteys and also my good friends and colleagues Cristina Ubero, Alicia Grande and Roger Pérez.

Diferente tells the story of Jana, a young woman who one day discovers that the world around her changes in appearance at every moment. To visualize these changes in the reality of Jana, each page of Different – sometimes even each panel – is drawn by a different artist. A narrative tour de force that moves between the fantastic genre, the thriller, and the journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.

Here is my participation in the anthology: a pinup illustration featuring the main characters: Jana and her uncle, Eric.

All the benefits of this comic will be used in the campaigns that Dibujos Por Sonrisas carries out to dignify the lives of refugees.

Diferente will be presented at the next Comic Barcelona 2019 and since then you will have it in all the bookstores.